ever smoked it by yourself?

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I was wondering if any of you guys ever have smoked DMT by yourself, alone......with no one around.
I'm thinking about doing it,as I feel it to may be a more personal experience than with someone around (even if he/she is the best friend/lover). I recently moved to a new place ......closer to nature and feel the time has come for another journey. So far it has been eight times in 5 years.......the DMT experience has become more and more familar to me and I can relax into it very easily......however, I've never smoked it by I was wondering if any one of you had such an experience?
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  • alone is the only way IMO. being around people always keeps me from being completely swept never fails, 3 min after the start,while peaking,someone has to ask "you ok?",or,"what you seeing?" or "dude! that shit stinks!"

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      we all die a shamanic death alone lol!
      we all die all one...
      : )
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        • Watch out for the aliens and their anal probe. It could be like passing out at a party here in California and ending up with your head duct-taped to a parking meter.
          • Some people like that. : ) I'd be afraid I'd kill myself or drop dead. I want to do it in an emergency room so the doctors could help me if needed. I wonder how much that would cost or maybe it could be covered by my insurance? lol It's supposed to be therapeutic right? : )
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              its supposed to be theraputic right?
              what the anal probe? or smoking dmt?
              • I think Tim speaks from personal experience, don't you Tim? Care to get into it, Tim? I'm real good at sarcasm, don't tempt me. Didn't you say you were tired of this? Quit antagonising or you're out.

                Back to the question at hand: personally, I think it's much wiser to have an experienced/qualified sitter with you just in case things get tricky. Getting into ceremonial rituals around strangers or inexperienced folks without some type of guidance from your elders or an experienced/qualified support group in a LEGAL setting is almost like playing Russian roulette. Set and setting. Set and setting. Set and setting. Say it three times. This IMHO is how entheogenic sacraments often end up getting demonised as it only takes one mishap to get the propaganda machine rollin. You have a responsibility, first and foremost to yourself. Thread wisely, always.

                Stay away from any type of probe ;-)

                • Doesn't seem like a guy asking if smoking DMT alone is very hypothetical to me. Maybe he is better off alone. When my relationship was in it's death throes and we were in couples counseling the therapest, who was neutral about ritual substance use, was quite clear that abuses of people had taken place around ceremonial group drug use. I see around me in the "lower class" drug users that somtimes peoples "friends" don't do them any favors. Bring on the sarcasm it's good for me.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    In Stings autobiography he & his wife were with a large group of people. I wonderif he's done it again or just that once. I would want to be with someone. Someone who would just be there if needed to sit quietly by. I wouldnt want it to be like Skull mentioned with your friends asking questions. My friends & I use to do that when we were on acid. With this though I would want to talk about it after it's over as opposed to during it. It would be like I was by myself. As long as there was one big strong man that could hold me in his arms if I freak out. To keep me from hurting myself if I need restraint. That could possibly freak me out too but I'd rather that than possibly hurt myself. Maybe I need to do this in a padded room. lol Lots of pillows.
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                      Thanks for the responses. So far I haven't experienced any alien probing or abduction. In fact on all of my journeys I had encounters with benevolent beings who weren't that interested in in my arse...:-)

                      I can see what you mean dimi3, and that's why I was asking for some feedback. I've never smoked it with strangers, only with good friends. Also, set and setting are highly important for me, as anyone who read my blog about one of my experiences can attest. I'm quite "anal" when it comes to set and setting....I certainly don't abuse this sacrament at all.

                      I guess in the end I'll have to decide for myself anyway, as we're all different.....just trying to get some impressions of folks who have journeyed by themselves.
                      • You said "in the end" lol (laughing like Beavis) : )
                        I would want to be with someone or more than one person who has done it before. Preferrably more than once.
                        • Just DO IT ! .. it is fine .. you won't pee your pants ! get some now !

                          Alone is my preference, not even the cat is allowed in the room. I want to be warm, so I used to have a blanket ready on the bed...

                          But I have yet to try it outside, in nature; by the beach, in the sun or in moonlight. ... and actually come to think about it ... given the seething profusion of spirits in Nauture, and in Hyperspace ... We are never 'alone' ... they are all here/there now ... go see.
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                            Youll be fine alone, I mean holy jah-moly, whats with all the fear about killing yourself and being out of control???, if thats really your hang up then your probally really un-stable to begin with and should be focusing more on social and people skills.

                            DMT is really not as crazy as the people who have never done it think it is. If you ever have experienced large dose mushroom hallucinations and didnt loose control and jump in front of a car then you can handle DMT, I mean it lasts for about 3 minutes!!!! just sit there and enjoy !!!!! you dont need anyone there, if your really frightened from the experience, its not like anyone can do anything for you any how !!!!! Find your mate and comfort yourself if needed after its over.

                            As for doing it other places besides "silent darkness"......I HIGHLEY recomend it!! Tho somtimes the light from the sun can sometimes cause your face muscle to spasm and ripple making it very difficult to consentrate on your visions. One comin theme I find when doing it outside, the trees urn yellow and red, look as thou they are pulling their roots from the Earth, extending there branches and dancing with each other like sea weed in an ocean current....very beautiful and liberating.
                            • by the beach in front of the campfire was quite the experience.......the radiance of the warm colors of the fire behind close eyelids was awww inspiring..........twas my introduction to the selophane crackling noise
                              • water...

                                Also beyond setting the couch on fire...(that trip comes on REAL fast) stay away from water... we had a death of a good comunity member some years back... Not really sure what he was doing out on the lake, at night, smoking DMT, but he drowned. Dont really think it was suicide... strange...
                                Guess I'll never collect on those old debts...

                                Some here in the inner circle of seed sellers would remember him...

                                • Re: water...

                                  we had a death of a good comunity member some years back... Not really sure what he was doing out on the lake, at night, smoking DMT, but he drowned.

                                  a little common sense is always a plus when trying spice.
                                  • Re: water...

                                    I consider myself stable. I use to do all kind of things but for years now I can't deal well with hardly anything anymore. If I take 2 hits off a joint I feel like I'm an insane caged animal and just close all my blinds and pace around my apartment till I calm down. I just don't like the feeling anymore. I am somehow missing where it's a bad thing to have a healthy fear of not wanting to hurt yourself or possibly die from something you voluntarily take. When I layed down on an operating table to have my aortic valve replaced with a metallica one I was totally calm laying there knowing I might not live through it. Instead of fear, which it is for me, it is more of a healthy respect for something I have never done before. I felt the same way about lots of things. I use to feel that way about eating certain foods. lol I use to feel that way about learning new things at work. Then after I do it I'm like "Oh okay that's not so bad."
                                    • Re: water...

                                      If I take 2 hits off a joint I feel like I'm an insane caged animal and just close all my blinds and pace around my apartment till I calm down. I just don't like the feeling anymore.

                                      I CAN RELATE MARV.i've started having panic attacks after i smoke lately. i used to laugh at my friends that had panic attacks cause i didnt know what they were ,or felt like, but now i know and THEY SUCK! i feel like the world is coming to an end and i cant stop it.but when im over it i wonder why i felt like that.pressures of everyday life are weighing me down i guess?

                                      anyway, you may experience that WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF! feeling on DMT. its easy to begin to think your gonna be that way forever but you have to get it in your head before you do it that its only gonna last 8min and its over.thank the spirits for this gift before you go in .that always works for someone i know.
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                              "Youll be fine alone, I mean holy jah-moly, whats with all the fear about killing yourself and being out of control???, if thats really your hang up then your probally really un-stable to begin with and should be focusing more on social and people skills."

                              Thanks, dad, for commenting on my hang-hups, you seem to know me really well.....NOT!

                              I KNOW I'll be fine (duh!!) and I am quite stable and grounded. My social life is also quite fine and I enjoy being around people, thanks for your concern. (What the ....?)
                              I was just curious about other people's experiences , as to how different it is when smkoing it alone. Having done psychecdelics for 15 years now including mushroom trips of 5 to 7g by myself, I still have respect for them and my ego gets a bit excited and threats its annihilation each time before a journey. As Terence McKenna used to say :" It's a healthey fear, a form of respect, before sailing into the great ocean."

                              I have smoked DMT for the first itme in nature at the Red Rocks in Sedona last Spring Equinix. It was amazing and powerful, as I left my eyes open throughout the journey for the frist time.....looking in awe at the alive totem-morphed mountaines.
                              • I almost always smoke it by myself, although I do it rarely. Only time I have done it in groups have been when someone who hasnt done it before have been introduced. I see no reason why I would like to do it amongst people anyway, it is not like it is exactly a social substance, after the third toke you are more or less by yourself anyway after all.

                                I could add that I prefer doing all entheogens by myself, unless it is at some kind of event where I am out over a weekend with friends anyway.

                                I have only really freaked out on DMT once, and during that trip having a lot of people around me didn't make anything worse or better in any way
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                                  The thing about panic attacks from weed that I cant get my head around, is that weed seems to amplify things that are of no big concern into major threatning issues. Things that dont really bother you and are mainly trivial, turn into nightmarish senarios. I asked my friend about this and his reply is that the intentions of the grower deeply influence the plant and as a as a human we are very sensitive to intentions. He suggested finding weed grown by someone with alot of love for the plant and the people who will be working with her,, organic fertizers also.

                                  • When simply breathing becomes a conscious effort I wonder what the growers intentions were. : ) The good thing I do like about it is that I feel like when I smoke weed I am instantaneously in Gods (whatever God is) presence. I feel like a fragile vulnerable humbled being that has an acute awareness of everything that's wrong with me physically & mentally. All the truth in the world is thrown in my face all at once and I am immediately overwhelmed by it all. It's most definitely always a learning experience. I just don't enjoy it. It's too much for me to handle anymore. It brings things I know but dont think about so much to the surface and makes me deal with it as well as intensifies everything I feel. Without it I feel alot already. I feel like a super sensitive that when I take any kind of "catalyst" it opens me up to the spirit world and it's not always a pretty place.
                                  • So I've dredged up the second question/issue about "just doing it" ... I guess since I'm about to muster the courage for a launch with some re-crystallized rocket fuel, I need to mumble aloud a bit ......

                                    Or, I think the risk-taker in me acts up and says to Marvin... "just do it" ... I say with an encouraging, fraternal-type shove... jump off the diving board into your soul ! You don't need a helmet , really... eyes open or closed !

                                    Marvin, or anyone for that matter, do you remember the first time you jumped off fo a 3m, 5m or even 10 meter diving board..? There are major self-preservation instincts and programs to overcome, at first. But the second, fifth, and 20th times are easier, even though the ego protests a little each time...

                                    Dmt is probably less dangerous than jumping off of a 10 metre diving board ... come to think of it...

                                    So some points to cheer-on both Me and Marvin with:

                                    - dmt is not a foreign substance, you brain/BBB recognizes it like glucose and goes " Yum!" hoarding it , and so there's no cause for hangover; breakdown produces regular metabolites. Try the 3 meter diving board first Marvin (15 -25 mg), then go for the 50 m one ... you don't hit bottom, I promise ! you pop through it !

                                    - the first rush is so much like 'sinking under' a warm, buzzing veil or your soul's 'waters' ... a warm fuzzy, body-anestheszia is the only 'physical' symptom to have to expect.. the part when you "hit the water" so to speak, is the sofa underneath you, it'll swallow you fuzzy ... I can anticipate the wet-fuzzies now... they are not unpleasant.

                                    - Or there's Terrence McKenna's parrallel to dmt's onset as a hit-and run car accident; you are the pedestrian struck by a bus from Hyperspace. I did comment to myself one time, as the rocketship left Ego..." oh oh ...there's been an accident... how an I here ? ... oh, right .. this is the Busy Place... !.." ... and it was all good ... one must remember to drop the jaw, ... hang agape... tension is held in the clenched jaw otherwise.

                                    -Dmt and physical death: dmt causes ego dissolution/ego-death which IS NOT your body's death, like lying on an operating table might make you think/feel about death. I get all scared to do it, just like getting ready to dive off a 10 meter cliff... but I know I can do it; simply calm my pulse, inhale slowly, very slowly ... twice... The ego has self-protecting thoughts all the time; make up a mantra to chant as a reminder to 'let go' ..? ...

                                    - better yet think of it as though dmt "causes your physical existance / body to become redundant" ... meaning that for 10 minutes you can put it down.. ! Put your body and ego on 'standby' ... cease to inhabit a body in time that's bound by gravity, but discover what else you are. And you will pop right back, we promise ... loving it that you are ... at all ... anywhere.

                                    So Marvin ... have you been shopping at Wal Mart latey..? It's a one-stop-shopping for your MHRB extraction kit..! Stock up on MHRB I reccomend too, keeping it in the freezer, extracting only what you need to consume fresh.

                                    And btw, back to the thread's topic; I will be 'alone' ... this next time, when I try to go on "Ego-standby" mode... .. heh ... !~mypalmsaresweatingjustthinkingaboutit~! ... Does it sound like I've 'convinced' my lil' ego to let go yet..?!

                                    One good reason to have a sitter is to be able to recount the events witnessed before they fade into mere memories... Which makes me wonder; has anyone ever been a cyber-sitter, via web-cam..? it sound's techno-geeky .. but what about it, speaking of "not being alone" ... .? I'd need an infra red camera, that sees in the dark...
                                  • "He suggested finding weed grown by someone with alot of love for the plant and the people who will be working with her,, organic fertizers also. "

                                    i cant believe this! i just started having these panic attacks and it started when i got this potent-ass kind bud a month ago.after i finished the sack ,no more panic attacks! your friend may be on to something.i'll let ya'll know if i have a new panic attack on the new bud.

                                    and EL K, you dont need night vision,just use eyeblinds and you can keep the lights on.they work perfect.
                                    • I think a distinction needs to be made between DMT (NN) and 5-MeO DMT. With dosages around 25mg, ElkaBong seems to be referring to the first, but who knows (he's kinda like a superhero/hyperspace test pilot to me, LOL). Although generally with (NN) DMT we're dealing with effective dossages of around 50mg while with 5-MeO DMT it's more around 10mg (when vaping efficiently that is). To me, the major difference between these two as it pertains to the question at hand is that you can easily self administer NN since you stay pretty much 'in touch' with your surroundings (note: I have no experience with "heroic" NN doses so this position only relates to a 50mg hit) while you pretty much loose touch with everything (often including yourself) when dealing with a 5-MeO DMT 'blast off'.

                                      I think it is simply wise to have an experienced sitter with you regardless, but especially when dealing with 5-MeO DMT. I mean, lots of potentially hazardous scenarios come to mind, particularly when one isn't as experienced a psychonaut as some who currently partake in this discussion. I kept my glasses on once during an outside open-air ceremony. Well, I basically had to throw them away... I was glad someone made sure I didn't knock my head on a rock, or rolled over putting my face into god-knows-what, or suddenly let go of a certain glass object, or a still fully lit lighter... Know what I'm saying? 5-MeO DMT is a bit of an exception I think which requires special precautions. I foster a pretty similar take WRT Salvia and Iboga sacraments. Safety first, always.

                                      • 50mgs effective dose?? if you have a good smoking method and get the entire 50mgs you bet your ass it is!! hyperspace is at 50-60mgs for me ,anymore and i cant remember anything but visuals that i cant describe.i wouldnt do any less than 40mgs nowdays.seems like any less is a waste for me.

                                        10mgs 5-meo-dmt spanks my ass everytime.i tend to fall into a motinfull blackout for the first 5 min or ol'lady says i look like i smoked salvia when i smoke 5-meo.blank look on face,trying to move around and get up, in a state of panic. i havent had the urge to go back to 5-meo since i found dimitri.during a dimitri trip im in a calm relaxed state physically but mentally is another story.i've done 5-meo by myself many times but it only took one fucked up occasion for me to realize i/you DO need a sitter at high doses.
                                        • Do you have a fear of yourself? In a large dose arn't you by yourself or at least no one you know personally is around are they? Quiet in the dark let all the drug take over. Don't fight ride the waves as if you were a part of. Its ok you will be back to norm in no time alone. Try it I strongley urge you
  • It can be a very personal experience. I think alone you do not have the distractions of other people even if they are slight distractions. It is much easier to let go when you are alone. I enjoy to swing my hammock in my backyard while the Sun is setting and let Nature come alive.

    I have noticed that I usually do not feel alone at different stages of the dmt trip I usually feel if not see a companion that is separate from the feeling of being ONE that resonantes with dmt.

    I recommend a hammock and an early morning or dusk DMT toke after you get nice and relaxed. A peaceful setting is needed for conversation with the One Creation.
    • even though i like to be alone when i do it,after the 3rd hit i realize im not alone and 'they' are here with me this a common feeling among the rest of you?even while coming down i can sense them in the room

      last time i went in they looked over their shoulders at me and said something to the point of"what the hell is he doing back" . then they sent one of the beings to check on me.
      • "Do you have a fear of yourself ? " ... Exactly ! ... and howcome we might..?!

        ...if I didn't know how to do the opposite, to let go when needed, my ego would cling tightly and probably have spasms and a bad trip. That's why 'setting', as in 'state -of mind', is so important. And hard to 'concieve' of the first time one "dives off the diving board".

        Even with exeprience I've found I might 'cling' to something about 'me' ..., which can precipitate aspects of the trip, ... 'keep you down' so to speak... but smoke enough (>35 mg) fully, and dmt won't give you time to fear... you'll think youpeed your pants, but not really .. it's just might be warm and wetfuzzy all over ... after the hyperspace bus ran you over... and picked you up...

        Set and setting, and dose ... those three ...

        Thinking "what do I fear?" I realize my anxiety level is associated with the whole smoking part. Loading and inhaling enough dmt to make sure the bus "hits", get's me all antsy! And I still can fumble smoking a big enough dose ... I might end up getting dragged by the bus instead... since it hits 'too slowly' .. and so one tumbles along instead of 'popping into' it ...

        On another point,let me ask/observe;

        If it's all about MAO enzyme activity in your brain, then presumably if you have low MAO levels, say after some dietary restrictions, or because you have NOT just eaten a pound of smoked meat... then your sensitivity to dmt should be much higher ... ? no ?!

        If you try dmt on a 'tired brain' ... same thing, possibly MAO enzymes have synthesized according to circadian rhythms, and are higher in the blood at the end of the day, or at night... so a first thing in the morning dmt trip might be way different than one after 18 hours of wakingfullness .. ?

        I bet being able to achieve the right 'setting' is also something that's got a diurnal rhythm; ... might I "fear myelf" more in the morning .. or late at night..? .. my lil' ego is uptight after a day full of egoing around ... ? ... and more relaxed, just 'hit me', first thing in the morning..?.. I have only tried dmt late at night, after midnight ... always ...

        The ego needs a massage to relax; can one do this alone, chanting a mantra..? ...ideally all MAO enzymes levels should be reduced by recent diet restrictions, and the bowl is loaded at >35mg, ... lighter has melted the spice, ... exhale once more ... and .. . 1 . 2 . 3 . .

        Hey Skullfarmer; what were "they" doing..?! what is that they are doing all the time..!? so freakin' busy ..!
        • ..". might I "fear myelf" more in the morning .. or late at night..? .. my lil' ego is uptight after a day full of egoing around ... ? ... and more relaxed, just 'hit me', first thing in the morning..?.. I have only tried dmt late at night, after midnight ... always ... "

          i;ve smoked a few times a little after i woke up . they were always bad IME due to the day ahead.but maybe thats just me.

          what are they doing?....... that would be like asking a caveman to describe what a hospital today did to them.i wish i knew though.

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