smokable acacia resin with caapi leaves

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so i just got an interesting email from a well respected researcher on entheogens who pointed this out to me...

"One of the most amazing things I encountered while in Oz was people taking dried caapi leaf and making it into a 30-50% smoking blend with Acacia resin (using alcohol or something to get it to stick to the leaf) The results were somewhere in between smoked acacia and oral ayahuasca in effects and duration. Much more clear than oral ayahuasca athough."

i am facsinated! this sounds great! i wonder which acacias resin it was.
i think i might have to move to Oz...
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    Re: smokable acacia resin with caapi leaves

    Thu, May 18, 2006 - 11:15 AM
    This will be a very wise step man... lots of psychedelics smokes and mushrooms get you back to our roots and industrial free nature as well.
    thinking of moving back there myself....
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      Thu, May 18, 2006 - 4:24 PM
      the notorious 'changa' is a shamanic smoke mix that has been developed in australia by mixing herbs and plant material of varying kinds (most commonly incorporating shaved vine and sometimes vine leaves) onto which a dmt solution is poured and allowed to evaporate.

      It is quite possibly THE way to go in terms of smoking dmt, and can even be rolled into joints without effecting the ability to 'break through'.. It is commonly 30-50% dmt by weight, and people often change the recipe depending on what they wish to achieve.
      It seems that by incorporating the plant teachers into the mix a smokeable ayahuasca is achievable whereby the experience is a little more grounded and earthier and appears to last quite a while longer.

      IT seems to be a lot more user friendly then just smoking crystal, and also allows for a level of plant interaction in what can be a quite ethereal experience.
      I have also read that it is incredibally effective at kicking a brew in, or re-visiting the peak, and u can even work yourself into a deep aya like state by having repeated sessions over a period of time.

      There are some incredibly interesting mixesbeing made out there and people even incorporate ritual space, essences and harmonics whilst 'downloading' onto the plant matter (not to mention the multitude of different herbal constituentsbeing experimented with).

      Its an exciting process and definately an evolution in the way we are able to work with dmt and ayahuasca plant guides.
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        Re: smokable acacia resin with caapi leaves

        Thu, May 18, 2006 - 5:31 PM
        so you can just work your way into a more prolonged high? i was wondering if it was possible to avoid the insta tollerance with smokeing dmt by smokeing the leaves. if so this is great. you can just keep takeing more tokes and keep going? i have heard that the smoked caapi leaf and crystal expernce is alot clearer then drinking ayahuasca and is perhaps with out nausea? is that correct?
        it would seem like a great way to do it. becuase when the crystal is smoked alone the anxiety goes away and you get comfortable working in the space ( the shock wears off of the extreme change of perception) and then it starts to wear off. if it can be prolonged wow!
        my problem with alot of vine sessions was the lack of clarity. i have only had one of those crystal clear ayahuasca session once and it was great but short lived.

        i am really interested in hearing about the ritual space, essences and harmonics and all that please tell me more!
        becuase your right this is an evolutionary process, its new and its definitely yhat of your own making in Oz and i find that extremly interesting! it makes me want to just hop on over there...if only i had wings!
        its also interesting that you mention the intigration of other plants for thier effects. its really alot like the tea but instead done in a smokeing complex. which is totaly new to humanity, its a first and if its working for you guys i am soooo fascinated.
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          Fri, May 26, 2006 - 8:13 AM
          Well, the plant source is most likely Acacia Maidenii. It is a mix between 5meo-DMT, and N,N-DMT. Crystal always seems to be clearer than the plant matter. Perhaps, also, you just had a weak ayahuasca brew in terms of DMT content. As for the beta-carbolines, it seems to be more of a switch that you turn on inside of yourself, and it's just reaching the threshold of that switch and turning it "on" that is other words, smoking more or doing more after the switch is flipped does not giove any greater effects. Not doing enough or smoking enough also fails to achieve the "on" status, although there are some divine moments of peace that can occur. As for the content of caapi leaf, it is mostly harmine, per Terence Mckenna's analysis. Harmine freebase can be acquired over the Internet and I believe is still legal. Have fun!
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            Re: smokable acacia resin with caapi leaves

            Fri, May 26, 2006 - 3:23 PM
            i would rather smoke the leaves then free base harmine. seems little nicer. but to each thier own. i would also ratherr smoke a less refined tryptamine source. maybe yopo and leaves would be nice...hmmmmm
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              Tue, May 30, 2006 - 11:00 AM
              I never really got anything from yopo seeds, except for an intense burning prickling sensation on my face. Could have been the bufotennine. I tried Anadenathera Columbina and Anadenanthera Peregrina, to very little to no effect. I've heard the pods themselves may contain higher levels of tryptamines, though. I'll have to make a trip to Brazil or Argentina, one of these days.:)
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                Re: smokable acacia resin with caapi leaves

                Wed, May 31, 2006 - 12:56 AM
                yeah i dont get shit from smokeing them really, alot of the same that your desribed but all over. however snuffing them is just as strong as smoked dmt if lime is added in the right amount and the right amoutn of snuff is snuffed....
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                  Sun, June 11, 2006 - 1:48 AM
                  actually, the resin RARELY comes from maidenii...
                  there are very few people who have been able to find an active maidenii strain.. Seems the early analysis was done with the only active strain or perhaps with mis identified material.
                  Most of what is worked with in australia is Obtusifolia.
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    Thu, September 6, 2007 - 4:24 PM
    get some DMT some caapi leaf
    crumble the dried leaf to desired smoking size
    get some alcohol, Noli prefers Everclear, she never uses Iso.
    do you math, lets say you have 3g caapi, you want to make a 30% DMT 70% caapi batch of Changa
    4g caapi multiplied by .3 equals 1.2g DMT
    40% equals .4
    50% equals .5
    and so on

    get a small glass, add your caapi leaf to it
    then pour just enough alcohol to cover the leaf
    now add the DMT
    stir very well, and keep stirring untill al the DMT is disolved by the alcohol, and mixed thouroughly
    now you let the alcohol evaporate
    make sure your leaf is dry
    take a pinch and place it in your pipe
    Enjoy your Changa!

    The Changa Herbs
    below is from

    Banisteriopsis Caapi - This is probably one of the key ingredients in Changa due to its MAOI properties. The leaves may constitute the majority of the dried herb infusion. Smoking the dried leaves can potentiate tryptamines in much lower doses than those required for oral ingestion. Vine leaves alone may account for the considerable difference in effect between Changa and freebase DMT smoked alone. Because the leaves can be so variable in their strength, small amounts of this vine's bark may also be included to boost the MAOI effect.

    Calea Zacatechichi-Also known as "Dream Herb", Calea is believed to increase lucid dreams. It's also reported to increase one's ability to recall the content of dreams. Due to the speculated relationship between DMT and dream-like states, the Dream Herb may have a positive synergy

    Heimia Salicifolia-Heimia's effects seem to be controversial, due to conflicts between historical information and modern bio-assays. However it is reported that if activated properly, through fermentation during drying, Heimia can enhance the effects of various other actives. Effects of Heimia include an increase in vision and hearing ability, and audio hallucinations.

    Justicia Pectoralis-Used by South American Indians, Justica Pectoralis (Mashi Hiri) contains the alkaloids Betaine and Umbelliferone. Dried Mashi Hiri contains coumarins, which give the Changa a smoother taste and a nice smell. There have also been reports that Justica Pectoralis can "smooth" the DMT experience.

    Passiflora Incarnata-A mild MAOI. Probably used in place of Banisteriopsis Caapi when it's not available

    Peganum Harmala-Syrian Rue seeds may also be a component of Changa, but are probably only used when vine leaves are not available. When crushed, the seeds of Peganum Harmala can be smoked for an MAOI effect. Crushed Syrian Rue seeds don't burn easily which would have a negative effect on the usability of any smoking mixture. Even though the beta-carboline content per weight is much higher in Syrian Rue seeds, there has been reports claiming Banisteriopsis Caapi's beta-carbolines are more potent when smoked.

    Salvia Divinorum-If you dare! . Salvia does add an interesting and individual edge to the experience. The effect heavily depends on the proportion to which the leaves are included.

    Turnera Diffusa-Damiana's inclusion in some varieties of Changa has been reported. Whether Damiana has any activity is a subject of debate. If nothing else, Damiana would add a unique smell and taste to any smoking mixture.
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      Re: smokable acacia resin with caapi leaves

      Sat, January 26, 2008 - 7:59 PM
      can't you just make a really strong ayahuasca
      then soak some tobacco or other herb in it for long enough until it soaks it all up
      then smoke that? wouldn't there be heavy dmt concentration in the resultant smoke?
      • Re: smokable acacia resin with caapi leaves

        Sun, January 27, 2008 - 1:57 PM

        Strain the Aya, and then evaporate all the water leaving a clay in the bottom'

        Mix that with base DMT and smoke'

        You can't do this with the light plants cos the salts don't smoke well'


        • Re: smokable acacia resin with caapi leaves

          Mon, January 28, 2008 - 3:53 PM
          Wait a minute now ... what is smoking caapi leaves supposed to get you? Obviously one generally uses B. caapi to inhibit MAO in the stomach, but if you're smoking acacia resin anyway ...
          • Re: smokable acacia resin with caapi leaves

            Sun, February 3, 2008 - 1:51 AM
            It puts the MAOI in your bloodstream as to lengthen the experience. If your some some capii clay or changa, you can smoke your spice 2 or 3 mgs at a time as to customize your experience. You can take your time on the come up with smoking it because its not being broken down. You can go to any level for any length of time.
  • Re: smokable acacia resin with caapi leaves

    Tue, February 5, 2008 - 8:22 AM
    G DAY FROM DOWN UNDER. Thats just what we say to the tourists, I am new to this site but i have been
    reading some interesting things on changa from a lot of people.
    As far as i can tell there are a lot of sites talking about changa .
    but without sounding like every one els ,ill get streight to it.
    we have been experimenting with changa for a long time,mabe 10 years or more now .
    there are outher ways and mixes,but this my fave.
    1. caapi leaf and stem shavings
    2. passiflora incanata. lotus.
    5. pau,d ,arco
    6 and to make it truely AUSTRALIAN , Pituri
    7. syrian rue from which we get harmaline
    8.and the spice from Acacia obtucifolia, this is our best source of spice
    and most abundant. sometimes Acacia Phlebaphyla, but this species is verry rare.

    this is more of a homiopathic relationship between the plants and ours elves
    the spice tends to activate anything thats in your sistem or that you are smoking.
    We start whith the rue. the rue is an amazingly powerful MAO
    and the pure harmaline is even more so.
    I use up to 30-50% harmaline in my mixes.
    as you can emagine it is very suficient as an MAOat these levels,
    and can last up to 1.5 hours full blown for at least 40-50 mins.
    the rest of the mixis up to your own descretion
    though the caapi should always be the dominent herb in weight.

    NOW ,i have found the spice need not be soaked whith the herbs
    Idid an aya circle 3 months ago.
    25 people ,myself and two outher people had 200 mg harmaline 70 gm caapi and 400 mg of spice,i am not
    exagerating. it was ,to tell you the truth ,i dont know what it was but GOD WAS THERE.
    Any way my point is .THE SMOKE WAS STRONGER .
    • Re: smokable acacia resin with caapi leaves

      Wed, May 21, 2008 - 10:49 AM
      Forgive the newb question but multiple searches have not yet yielded the answers . . . can somebody detail for me how to make an “alcohol-extracted Acacia resin” (or MHRB, Psychotria viridis, etc) . . . where legal of course? Is it as simple as simmering the plant matter in acidified water then evaporating the water and soaking the resultant tar/extract in alcohol?

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