visitations from the dead?

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I'm new to this group, and to Tribe, and I wanted to share this experience with you.
The first and only DMT experience I've had took place earlier this year. The setting was very good,( an empty field at midnight, with blankets to lie on), and I was with my very good friend and fellow psychonaut. The experience was positive, mind-blowing, wordless etc.., but thats not what I want to focus on. It's what happened immediately after "coming down". Now, we had been drinking a little, not to mention taking Nitrous,and I had been smoking cigarettes. So, my first reaction after snapping back to "reality" was.." That was fuckin unbelievable!!! ..and now I'm going to throw up!!"So here I was, doubled over puking , and all of a sudden , I was filled with this immense sadness. Tears were streaming down my face, I'm sobbing hysterically, and I'm thinking "whats going on?" ( At this point my friend had gone inside to get me some water.) Then , I realized what was happening. A year earlier , my Father had died of Cancer. All of the pent up grief, which I hadn't allowed myself to feel , all the rage, literally exploded out of me. Everything I had been holding back , engulfed me. I purged myself, holding nothing back. At this point, my friend, who I regard as a true Shaman, came up to me, gave me some water, and put his arm around me. I was completely silent about what had happened , but he Knew. His mom, step-dad, and real father, had all died earlier in the year. He said" It's OK, I've been going thru the same thing as you. I was just waiting for this moment." At that moment, as sure as if he were standing right next to me, I FELT the presence of my Father. He was right with me!! Now, It's hard to put into words, but his Spirit was definitely there with me. I was overcome with emotion, I spoke to him then, all the things I wasn't able to tell him before he passed...I made peace with him, ( we had a rocky relationship) told him I loved him, and I was sorry. And then he spoke to me, giving me a personal message, which I won't relate here.And then, just as suddenly as he appeared, he was gone. When I told my mom what had happened, (she's an old hippie and very open-minded,)she burst into tears.
Reading over this, it seems very corny somehow, but that doesn't detract from the Realness and Immensity of the event. I believe that I really did contact the Spirit of my dead father that night, and we were able to reconcile and move on.
Afterwords, I was listening to some Terrance McKenna audio interviews ....He says something like..."When we asked the Shamans what the Ayuasca allowed them to do, they said it let them speak to their ancestors, which is a very nice way of saying..dead people"
Thank you for reading..has anyone else had a similiar experience?
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    Tue, November 7, 2006 - 4:39 PM
    I have had a similar experience where for a brief moment I was in the presence of my deceased father but it was not so much a conversation but a feeling and vivid vision of his face and torso in front of me. There was no spice involved this time though, just a couple grams of dried caps and a many large trash bags full of frosty filtered nitrous. I think it is the disassociative nature of nitrous that lends itself to this sort of experience. DMT can be even more disassociative, completely even, but I have never tried mixing it with anything else. DMT cocktail combinations would be an interesting thread...
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      Tue, November 7, 2006 - 6:46 PM
      Thats very funny you refer to it as "Spice". The message I received from my father was " The Sleeper Must Awaken". Dune was a movie that we both enjoyed watching together. When I was growing up we had several of the Dune books in our Library, right alongside the other Spiritual tomes. I've never heard of DMT refered to as Spice, but it makes sense. It does allow you to fold Time and Space, so that the Beginning is the End, the Alpha and Omega. The Spice Must Flow...
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        Wed, November 8, 2006 - 3:37 AM
        Considering that Argathi beeing a city inside earth...
        The greek myth of the hanging gardens... (mimosa roots just hanging arround in argathi)
        Earths core heat beeing produced by refiningenergy of spice
        Earth is just a huge spice collecting battery...

        "The sleeper has awaken"

        The spice must flow....

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          Thu, November 16, 2006 - 9:35 AM
          I got chills.
          My first encounter with the spice was at a full moon gathering in the desert. I met a random young man and we began sharing insights. We had like minds and he kept telling me there was "something I had to meet". Sounded strange. We went back to his camp with his wife and his lady friend who had introduced us. As he was trying to explain what I might expect (as if you could explain or expect) he related his first experience. He said he had a full conversation with his parents who were taken in an auto accident three years prior. They explained to him how they did their best to influence him for three years from the "other side" to find DMT 'cuz they understood it to be the only way for them to communicate again. He relayed some other info, personal and otherwise that they shared. I didn't retain it 'cuz I wasn't really buying it. That is until about 30 minutes later after my first "meeting" with the spice. I'll buy anything now!
          I have yet to hang with some of my lost ones, of which I have had MANY lately, but I don't "get out" much anymore.
          Changing that in the near future, here.
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            Sun, December 3, 2006 - 12:53 PM
            I had a similar experience only four days after letting our beloved dog (Maggie) pass. It was intensely beautiful & helped me immensely. It was a mild experience but allowed me to fully relax & free myself from the tears that had been coming pretty much non stop all week long. My journey started very nicely with lots of swirling visuals & feelings of bliss & then there she was. Her energy encircling with mine. We were dancing back & forth with one another. She let me know that she was okay. That she loved us & knew that we loved her as well. It was an incredibly beautiful, moving, healing experience that I am completely grateful for.
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    Thu, January 11, 2007 - 9:21 PM
    Wow, interesting to read this. I recently took my first trips and after the first (or maybe second) of the night I told my boyfriend how everything I saw had the shadow of a person over it. He explained some people say they see deceased loved ones.

    My grandmother recently passed away. During the next trip, I suddenly found myself feeling very much like a little girl, searching to find my grandma. I didn't, and came back feeling really emotional, very sad with tears in my eyes. I was surprised by the amount of emotion involved. I don't think I've really fully dealt with her death, the first of anyone close to me. Figured it was planted by the idea/hope of seeing her.

    I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this.
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    Re: visitations from the dead?

    Sat, May 3, 2008 - 9:18 PM
    Yes, I had smoked a large amount of DMT once, immediately began to vomit and then collapsed on the floor. Right away I saw my father who had died about a year before. His face and head rushed up to mine and he sat there in silence, just floating and staring at me. It was like he wanted to say something to me, but couldn't because he was dead. He looked at me for about a minute and I finally flew away from him and continued onto the most intense DMT trip I have been on. When I finally pulled my face off the floor ten minutes later, I seriously thought that I had been tripping for six months and figured I should call the mental hospital because I had been tripping for so long. After a few more minutes, I realized that I was only tripping for a few minutes and that I would come down soon...thank God!

    I have since gone on the witness Angels and Demons in my DMT experiences...trance music plus DMT is where it's at!
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      Re: visitations from the dead?

      Sun, May 4, 2008 - 9:31 PM
      i had a sense that it was my grandmother in the darkness, she walk out of the darkness and sat beside. All of this was more felt and seen just slightly as the visuals were dark. This was on ketamine not DMT.

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