how to smoke DMT?

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Hi everyone. What's the right way to smoke DMT? In my case the extract is not crystals but rather a kind of dark brown amber.
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  • first, I'll assume you are in a place where it is legal or at least not illegal. the key is to vaporize other words, you want to use glass preferably and heat from below the amber until it melts/and/or starts smoking/emitting smoke....then you want to get as many hits or as much smoke as possible into you and then hold it. Sometimes it feels like nothing in your lungs other times it's coughcough...then enjoy the ride!;-)

  • I'd recommend smoking it in a small regular pipe with a thin bed of ash on the screen to prevent it from falling through the screen when it melts. Put a very thin layer of dried parsley or pot on top of the crystals to prevent them from being decomposed by direct flame. Glass pipes are harsh even with pure white crystals. You'd find amber DMT unendurably harsh in a glass pipe.
    • what about using an electric vapourizer like the kinds one finds in head shops?

      usually they have a brass bowl that heats up your weed but doesn't burn it. This is covered by a large glass sphere that collects the vapour. there is a hose in the bottom that you draw from when the chamber starts to fill.

      question is, do thc crystals vapourize at about the same temp as dmt?
      • First off, the vaporizer you describe is simply the cheapest kind available, and not worth piss as far as I'm concerned. I bought a B.C. Vaporizer for $60, and ended up giving the thing away to a total stranger, with my apologies, because I was burdening him with the piece of crap. Sounds harsh, I know, but it's true.

        The absolute king of vaporizers is probably the Aromed, with the Volcano a close second, and Vapir and Vapor Doc, and digital heat gun (eg. Vripmaster) also being great. That's a subjective analysis, and one which I won't waste your time expounding on, but it's hard to get honest rankings. That should at least help you start your research. Just avoid anything like what you described, with a bowl that heats up and a glass jar covering it. Unless, of course, you like inhaling half-burnt material and carcinogenic fumes from the metal-forging process.

        Now, as far as smoking DMT this way... it's always risky trying to smoke a crystalline substance in this manner. Most of the good vaporizers use a screen, so the stuff would just melt through, unless used ash or plant matter to hold it in place. It might be difficult to do this with some designs. Ok, you could place it in the metal bowl in the cheapo variety you described, but they are not temperature-selectable, so you'd most likely just burn it.

        Vaporizers are mostly designed for herbal materials in the first place - the purpose, after all, being to extract just the active ingredient without burning the plant matter. If you have already extracted the active ingredient, what's the point? Just put it in a nice glass pipe, get a decent torch lighter, and there you go. Simple. And it'll cost you about $8 for the pipe, and another $7 for the lighter, for a total of $15, instead of the major outlay for a vaporizer. (Not that I don't love them for other reasons.)

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