Red Devil Lye

topic posted Wed, November 1, 2006 - 1:20 PM by  Osiris
Can anyone tell me if the extraction process requires this certain LYE or can it be any Lye found at a hardware store?
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  • red devil is outta biz sorry dude
    try at home depot or lowes roebic is the stuff you want
    • Roebic is the brand name? Thanx so much!!
      • Bull's Eye Lye is also another brand identical to Red Devil Lye if you can find it.
        • But for the most part LYE is Lye?
          • Lye can be two different chemicals, either KOH or NaOH. KOH or potassium hydroxide cannot reach a high enough pH to make sure that an emulsion does not form in the extraction solvent. NaOH is capable of very high pH, as high as a pH of 14 and since the ideal pH for extracting MHRB without having an emulsion form in the extraction solvent is 13.4 you have a winner; NaOH AKA sodium hydroxide which is the same kind of lye used to make soap, for baking (although only for a dip to the bread) and to make bio diesel.
            • AFAIK roebic is NaOH
              I have to respectfully disagree with C.C. about the KOH
              in processes using the KOH instead of NaOH in basing cactus, the KOH was found to be superior to NaOH
              in re: forming emulsions
              e.g., the KOH formed fewer, if any, emulsions
              I believe there is a correlation between cation size and emulsive potential
              • Wow, KOH would not work for me at all with MHRB. I believe I did not get the pH up high enough due to the upper limit of KOH?
                • what was your pH?
                  did you use pHydrion paper
                  or a digi meter?
                  did the wine turn black?
                  how much did you recover v. what you started with?
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                    I only had pH papers which were not very good at the upper end, the scale went all the way up to the top but dark is dark, hard to distinguish. The fluid turned black too, yet the yield was nil until I put some red devil lye in there, then it was released right away and yields were good.