How do I get DMT?

topic posted Tue, July 28, 2009 - 5:19 PM by  Stefan
Hello guys. Until yesterday I had never heard of dmt but last night I got stumbled into a video about dmt on youtube. After that I have basically watched tons of videos at youtube about dmt, and googled up everything I could about dmt. Tonight I found tribe and you guys. ;)
Now I want to try dmt, It somehow feels that this I have to do. It cant be missed out on.
I live in Norway and have no idea how to get it..
Hopefully someone here can help me in the right direction? ^^

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  • seek and ye shall find
    • ----------------------Extracting DMT from MMantis Root Seeds----------------

      How to get DMT from the mantis root seeds:

      You go to a plant store and buy some Mantis Root seeds. When the plant is grown, you strip the roots of their bark and grind them up and make a tea. The chemical in it is DMT.

      Also I found someone saying toads... Bufo alvarius (Sonoran Desert or Colorodo River Toad).

      The easiest way seem to be the mantis root, but can someone verify?
      • No, you want to get mimosa hostilis root bark.
        There are many different extraction teks on the net
        and a few mentioned in back posts at this forum.
        You'll have to do some searching but the chemistry
        is fairly straight forward.
        Norway huh? cool. :)
        • ...or you can skip all that and go to your local psytrance party and ask around. that should do it.
          • btw man this tribe is cool and all but if you rally want to research DMT there is a better place.
            • Norway ideed. ^^
              Yes, I have read some on that site, but havnt visited the forum yet but I will!
     is really helpful aswell.
              I just saw a movie clip at youtube where a guy made something called Ayahuasca, a tea it seems.
              Any idea how I make it?
              And Jason, thanks alot for the response and help ;)
              • Another thing, the author of the movie, some guy from the Netherlands. Where it is legal to use it if it is for religious reasons. ( Gotta remember that next time I visit Amsterdam ^^ ) Said that it is dangerous, and that you shouldnt eat anything 12 hours before drinking. Bananas for example, he said was fatal and could end up in coma if combie in with dmt.
                • Yes Ayahuasca. DMT is the main active ingredient. I am no authority but it is made from several plants known in the amazon region and has been used by tribes and shamans for millennia, or well for a long time. It is a much different, longer, and some say stronger experience than smoked DMT. Of course there is a tribe for it>
                  and I found this information site looks good>
                  and there used to be a forum I knew of...ah yes here>

                  Pleasure to help really. I can feel your excitement and I remember when I was first finding out about these things too ;)
                  finding out is fun.
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                    Ahh, awesome, great links! I will study them.
                    Yeah, its really exciting, tho I want to be as prepared as I can be. To bad I have no good friends that do psychedelics, only close to it is some people I meet at party's in weekends. And they dont have the purpose I have ( to explore and expand my self ) but rather putting anything in their mouth that give them a high it seem.. I have never tried any psychedelics before.
                    And wonder If I should try some milder drug before trying dmt, like shrooms for example. Any tips?

                    Great Jason, really good to have someone to talk to this about. You are great help. Thanks.

                    Also, thanks for sticking up with my english ;)
                    • "I have never tried any psychedelics before.
                      And wonder If I should try some milder drug before trying dmt, like shrooms for example. Any tips? "
                      I would strongly suggest working your way up to DMT. Shrooms will give you a feel for the territory.
                      Start with a gram or two (dried).
                      "To bad I have no good friends that do psychedelics..." Yeah, too bad. Good to have a sitter first time into hyperspace.

                      Check out this link Terence McKenna describing his first DMT experience.
      • Heisann sveisann! bor ikke tilfeldigvis i Arendal? : )
        samme problemet her og, ingen kontakter, men har snart et lite drivhus i boden hvor jeg skal gro cannabis tel eget bruk da : )
        Har nesten som en liten flamme inni meg som brenner for å utforske med uskyldige hallusinogener.

        Jeg er 14, som selvfølgelig betyr et par pluss på vanskeligheten på å finne det.. -___-
        • Aron, at 14 you have a ways to go before embarking on 'heroic' journeys. All good things and experiences arrive in due time... Hope life is treating you good in beautiful Norway.
  • No, you're shit out of luck, S.
    • hm?
      • Yeah man try some mushrooms or a hit of acid first. DMT will be much different and stronger and he's saying it's good to have a sober friend to watch you and make sure you don't freak out. But go take some mushrooms damn it! :)
      • Ignore "Einstein". He's our local troll who comes out from under his bridge once in awhile to fuck shit up!
        • Lol, nice one.
          I will try shrooms for sure. Cant wait tbh!!
          But acid? No.. do not think so. I want to expand my self not destroy ^^

          Check this out, its 3 parts. Really really interesting with some nice animations!
          • Breath, your destroying brain cells with every breath.

            Mushrooms destroy brain cells too.

            The brains network is all the meaning or better put, assumptions you created. You did this from childhood to not fear the world that made no sense, and since it still doesnt make any sense you believe your assumptions.

            Dropping the filters by brain cell death allows you to see the chaos of life as it really is, it can be very enlightening if you have something in your mind. The most interesting people I met were able to create something new had years of study under their belt and only took it a few times later in life. Kids on the street with no education were not very interesting to speak with, but at least they dropped some of their misconceptions about truth and perception.

            Over use by dead heads was fun, but some took it too far. Lots of creative art and imagination came from people who tried psychadelics.

            But as far as the real world and paying the bills, taking care of effects your being in the box and staying motivated to work for the man I would imagine.

            In the end, we live too long, so moderation over time becomes excess.

            Thats said, most people I know of only try it a couple times in life. I would suggest learning about it, growing your mind, and then when you would like to expand your perceptual view of what you know, you might get some of that which you dont know you dont know and share it with the rest of us if you can still keep it simple enough for us to

            Albert Hoffman passed without his problem child becoming a wonder kid, psycho therapy will begin to use it in controlled situation, like they do in Switzerland now.
          • "But acid? No.. do not think so. I want to expand my self not destroy ^^"

            Destroy? No, not unless you get a really shitty designer substance that's masquerading as this amazing tool. It's true that it's not the easiest thing in the world to come across real clean acid, but it is possible and I highly recommend you check it out.

            All psychedelics show you different angles of your own mind... if you're scared of your own thoughts, I recommend not trying any of them.

            All in all: trust your sources and most of all, yourself.
            • Maybe destroy doesnt work for you, how about disconnect nerual networks, and on it, effects your filters which distorts perception, too much information all at once.

              Very few get pure LSD 25. Its an expensive filteration process that most home labs lack.
              • precisely why it's improbable to find, yet entirely possible. To think that someone in this world doesn't have the resources and the gumption to make pure LSD is entirely ridiculous. The problem lies in the market trying to make it big off of one drugs wonder claims from years past. Look at any festival or event and you'll be bombarded by the underling masses trying to force their shitty cuts of homemade chemicals on you. It's the ones hiding in the shadows not bragging about whats in their pocket that have the magical keys. And if destroying your perception is high on the list of effects from psychedelics... I suggest you stick to your coffee, nicotine, and alcohol.
                • Scared of my own thoughts? Define please..
                  Well I dont want to put anything in my body, I surely will read more about the different psychedelics but LSD and acid is drugs I belive I wont try.
                  Atleast not as things are now, if I ever tried it and like it to much I dont trust my self. Prolly I end up using it alot more then I planned on from the gecko..
                  I am at a point in my life that I feel I need to do some experiments. But only drugs that I feel are "safe" enough. Hopefully psychedelics like shrooms and dmt can help me in some ways.
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                    LOL, well I guess whoever is running the anti-acid propaganda machine in Norway is doing a fine job, but the truth is that there may quite possibly be no more of a beautiful experience to had than a proper LSD trip. And I'm sick to death of the "mushrooms are natural and that is man-made" speech.. hey, it's called *YOUR MIND* and the possibilities are infinite. The substance is only a catalyst by which it clears your 'filters' so that you may see 'reality' for what it is.

                    Keep reading though and be sure to keep an open mind.. remember that a lot of what you think you know is programming and you MUST always be willing to take new ideas. The psychedelic experience you desire requires that you be willing to let go of everything that you are and have learned.. clean slate. Your intentions to be expanded are noble and I think you will find what you are looking for, but if you hold on to old paradigms your progress will be stunted.

                    Good luck!
                    • it's called *YOUR MIND*

                      He he he' Nice one Jason'

                      Mirror the hologram'

                      I can see no point in chasing after "chemicals/RC's" etc'

                      PLANTS is where it is at' no bending your psychi on the next newest neuro-coaster molecule'

                      Mindfull Bliss'

                      Nobuoni +
                    • Jason:

                      Excellent context, great insight.
                      • Thanks Moki.
                        I just find it funny that acid has this big reputation and the people who don't know are often scared of it... while DMT and even AYA can spin you out wwwway more than acid yet they are somehow considered 'natural' cause they come from plants. That's bogus and I say again.. it's a state of mind. You can go to the same exact places on any of these chemicals.
                        And if you REALLY want to know what's up>>> 5meoDMT.
                        Everyone at there own pace though.. psychedelics are certainly not for all.
                        • Jason: "I just find it funny that acid has this big reputation and the people who don't know are often scared of it..."

                          Yes, that is curious indeed. The propaganda machine has successfully imprinted the masses. Something to do with certain test subjects jumping out of windows, or being made to jump out rather. Who knows really...

                          The truth however is that LSD is virtually non toxic, considering its minute active dosage. In terms of what it does to the body it may be considered as one of the least harmful psychoactive substances out there. It is in fact less "harmful" than an active dose of psilocybine (magic mushrooms).

                          Further more,
                          *LSD is (may be) the most important discovery of mankind.*

                          Yeah, who said that, or something along those lines? Anyone?
                          Read up:

                          And did you know that many important discoveries were made under the influence of LSD?



                          5-MeO DMT, in my humble opinion, is the closest you'll ever get to God... in this lifetime ;-)
                        • Unsu...
                          "Thanks Moki.
                          I just find it funny that acid has this big reputation and the people who don't know are often scared of it... while DMT and even AYA can spin you out wwwway more than acid yet they are somehow considered 'natural' cause they come from plants. That's bogus and I say again.. it's a state of mind. You can go to the same exact places on any of these chemicals."

                          Totally. And in fact. LSD-25 is only a Semi-Synthetic that was Originally (and still is) Derived from a Natural Source. At the Time of it's Invention it was Ergot. Which is A fungus. A mushroom... Today Morning Glories and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds are often used, though some still grow Ergot Vats... Anyway. Even if Morning Glories or Hawaiian Baby Woodrose to Extract the Lysergic Acids, It is now been found through recent research that, it is a Symbiotic Fungus that lives in the Seeds(and other parts of the Plant, like roots and Flowers, but not leaves or stem) that Actually Produces the Lysergic Acids... So yeah Like someone Else Said. Unless your Getting some Analog Drug like 2-CB, DOH, or whatever, You are Taking a Natural Substance. And one that comes from Mushrooms as Well.

                          As far as DMT goes. It is every where man... It is the Most common Ethnogen on the Planet.
                          You have some in your Mammalian Body Currently.
                          There are ways to Active your own with over the counter Amino Acids...
                          There are Easy ways to extract DMT from Phalaris Grasses (Wheat Grass Extractor) and Use Easy to Get Herbs like Syrian Rue or Passion Flower... I like the Passion Flower better. Cheaper and easier. Unless you Grow your own Rue. I actually say an Aya Experience would be far more rewarding.

                          Silly White People. Gotta do everything THAT WAY. Corn beer to Whiskey, Coca Leaves to Cocaine, Smoking S. Divinorum/DMT.... Snorting Yopo is plenty Good. No need to smoke that shit. But, I guess, for things like Toad Venom, smoking it is the only way to fly.

                          Aya is like Making Love to DMT, Smoking it is like a Wham Bam Thank You Mam.
                          Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih
                          Om Bhaisajye, Bhaisajye, Maha Bhaisajye, Rajasamudgate Svaha.
          • Unsu...
            <<<"But acid? No.. do not think so. I want to expand my self not destroy">>>

            Wow, those are some bold words from somebody who has never taken a journey. *looks at you sideways*
            If you want to try these sacred tools and think outside the box,. then start by trying to think outside of the drug propaganda you seen on television.
            • Propaganda or not. I see my self as a free thinker. Im not some stupid mainstreamer at all, but imo its good to be skeptic about drugs. And not question it cause some people say its alright, and ofcourse that goes the other way around.
              Kløne are you norwegian? Cause you're name means "clumsy" in english. oO
              And you sound offended, I am open for alot, but not everything. It doesnt mean I cant continue my journy to enlightment. ^^
              I will continue my studies tho.

              • Stefan, there is no rush to take something as powerful as LSD, in fact, you could become a monk and train your own brain to create the same effects.

                Drugs are scratch and sniff spirituality. But if your stuck in a life in a box with a mortage, and a wife, with some kids as a slave to the man with no plan for your future. It might be good to change again, or at least take a seminar or two.

                "So choose again, choices dont run out in life, only your decisions make you run out of choices." Tom Gallagher
                • "Stefan, there is no rush to take something as powerful as LSD, in fact, you could become a monk and train your own brain to create the same effects" - Is that in fact possible ?

                  Anyways, yes you are on to something there. Wise words.

                  Can't belive I havnt heard of before, this is really great, to get feedback from people with experience who have useful input and advices.
                  Very much appreciated.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    But such skills take years, and in some cases, DMT, LSD, DXM, MDMA, Mescaline, Mushrooms have no comparison depending on what you're looking for.

                    Where are we going to find the answers to our problems now with the thinking we used to get us into them, Einstein said....

                    There is what you know, and what you don't know, but the only thing that has any power is what you don't know you don't know. If we were to consider what we know, its jack shit compared to what humanity is going to need to know for the future.

                    But if you're not someone who is part in looking for the solutions, a working class hero is something to be has Elton John reminded us before they killed him...then it could cause mental imbalances and further your own personal fears about life. It important to take such action seriously, maybe study or practice a ritual. Try to get something out of it. Maybe explore a subject, create some question, and look to intuition to find a new light on the same old world.

                    I have heard of studies being done with LSD and comparing it to the monks enlightenment using magnetic resonance imaging during moments of "no mind" or less mind, where the brain desperately tries to fire as the spirit chooses to be quite. it's almost like the ego thinks its dying and sends out massive electrical impulses to confirm its not.

                    The effects of LSD alter brain filters, your filters allow you to distinguish specific things like your perceptual sight, sound, taste, feel. Because of the LSD, you might taste what you hear, would that make you feel strange? You might project your thoughts literally in the place in front of you as if you had some holographic ability to see your thoughts on the template of reality.

                    If you do any study into perceptual psychology you will discover that what you think is true, is mostly the illusion your mind created.

                    Fractals have taught us that there may not be anything new under the sun, but seen in another light, we find answers are infinite. There are the no answers, and in life we should never settle for so little, our humanity demands it.

                    The only truth in life is in the present moment, the minute your brain assimilates that information it's a half truth or assumptions, in life your knowledge doesn't make you more powerful, it's the booby prize. The only thing that gives you power is when you create a new possibility, and are in action about creating the results.

                    There's more to that Helen Keller quote: "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure."

                    The question is "the greatest risk of all in life is not to risk" Will you take the red pill?


                    Good luck with that, stay open to answers...


              • Unsu...
                <<<"Kløne are you norwegian? Cause you're name means "clumsy" in english. oO">>>
                No I'm not Norwegian. And NO it doesn't mean clumsy in English. It means whatever I say it means...
                • Klone:

                  It means what I say...nice.

                  humans are meaning making machines, problem is our mind is made of true and false assumptions.

                  So choose your own meaning.

                  "Who you are exists in language"

                  "The truth doesnt mean anything. It just is."

                  "If you keep saying it the way it really is, eventually your word is law in the universe."

                  "Obviously the truth is whats so. Not so obviously its also so what."

                  "This is it. There are no hidden meanings. All the mystical stuff is just whats so. A master is someone who found out."

                  "One creates from nothing. If you try to create from something you're just changing something. So in order to create something you first have to be able to create nothing."

                  "Dont change beliefs. Transform the believer."

                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    5meoDMT to much LOVE ! !

                    Beautiful if you mix her right with PaPa spice or shroo even'

                    Chagropanga Changa ! !


                    Nobuoni +
                    • Kløne: It means what you say it mean, sure.. but still it means "clumsy" in Norwegian ^^

                      Moki: The power of nothing link seems really interesting, havn got the time to read it all yet, but I will.
                      So very true about defining the world around you through you're own suffering.

                      Also powerfull and true:
                      "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure."

                      But I dont know if I want to seek out more danger then I think necessary, you know?
                      Will I take the red pill? I guess time will show ^^

                      One thing, I guess about everyone in this tribe have tried DMT or atleast planning to.
                      It is alot of talk about DMT being a portal to another universe, what do you guys think about that?

                      And I still dont get the diffrence between 5meoDMT and DMT, will someone please enlighten me? ^^
                      • I dont think DMT is a portal to another universe.

                        It seems to trigger an effect of a fast projection out of body experience.

                        Many people report shooting to the stars, then getting distracted by some image of a naked women dancing, and the trip is over. Its very quick and mind blowing.

                        People think that dreams are meaningful, they may be meaningful, out of body experiences or near death might be meaningful, but remember that we cant explain the spirtual world, words have very little ability to do so, and are limiting.

                        It could just be a dream and it could just be a lucid dream you are leaving your body or experiencing enlightenment.

                        In the end, the truth was experienced in some form in that moments, but our minds will never be able to know fully.

                        You know they can open up the mind, electrify a part of the brain, and the individual experiences the same out of body experience.

                        What does it all mean, dont know.

                        There is so much in life, just go out and do it, have fun. If it doesnt kill you, you will grow from the experience.

                        No rush or need to do anything that doesnt occur to you as helping you grow with your own life and experience.
                        • Dude you lost me with shooting stars and naked women have you ever smoked it really? not callin you out but come on, that post is wack.
                          It may not be another universe, but it most certainly is another dimension.. one of many in an infinite number of possiblites.

                          type: n,n DMT and 5 meO DMT
                          into the search box.
                            • Folks, there are nice/kind ways to say that you disagree with someone. I suggest we use them and keep this space open, friendly and respectful as it has always been ;-)

                              Jason, first line in your linked page is incorrect:

                              "5-MeO-DMT is an MAO inhibitor"

                              It is NOT a Mono Amine Oxydase Inhibitor. As you probably know yourself, MAOIs are added to make N,N DMT and 5-MeO DMT orally active. Other than that, the descriptions on the page are informative.

                              Stefan, it is true that 5-MeO DMT is more "forceful" than N,N DMT. They're actually quite different from one another if you ask me. Both amazing in their own specific ways though. Most folks prefer N,N DMT over 5-MeO DMT it seems. If you're relatively new to psychedelics, I'd recommend N,N over 5-MeO because the latter can be a bit of a shocker. One's understanding and appreciation of hyperspace cannot be complete without acquainting both though.

                              The active (vapourised) dose of N,N DMT is generally considered to be around 50-60 mg.
                              The active (vapourised) dose of 5-MeO DMT is generally considered to be around 10-12 mg.

                              more info:

                              "DMT is generally not active orally unless it is combined with an monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) such as a reversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase A (RIMA), e.g., harmaline. Without a MAOI, the body quickly metabolizes orally administered DMT, and it therefore has no hallucinogenic effect unless the dose exceeds monoamine oxidase's metabolic capacity (very rare). Other means of ingestion such as smoking or injecting the drug can produce powerful hallucinations and entheogenic activity for a short time (usually less than half an hour), as the DMT reaches the brain before it can be metabolised by the body's natural monoamine oxidase. Taking a MAOI prior to smoking or injecting DMT will greatly prolong and potentiate the effects of DMT. If DMT is smoked, injected, or orally ingested with a MAOI, it can produce powerful entheogenic experiences including intense visuals, euphoria, even true hallucinations (perceived extensions of reality)."

                              more here:
                              • 5 meo-dmt acts as a mono amine oxidase inhibitor' it is oraly active without the addiction of a MAOI

                                5-MeO-DMT is most interesting when taken orally, snorted, or taken sublingually.

                                By those routes, it's one of SWIM's favorite experiences, up there with mushrooms, mescaline, LSD, bufotenine, DMT, etc. It reminds SWIM of mescaline, but without all the visuals.


                                Nobu +
                                • > 5 meo-dmt acts as a mono amine oxidase inhibitor' it is oraly active without the addiction of a MAOI

                                  Really? I've always been told (by serious scholars) that it isn't. I have read that it *can* be orally active in large doses but that it's broken down quickly still... As such, it cannot be considered orally active in a practical sense.
                                  This is one of the few times that I've seen it considered as orally active by anyone. The vast majority of literature out there lists 5-MeO DMT as orally inactive without adding an MAOI.

                                  Curious, what kind of dosage are you talking about?


                                  "5-MeO-DMT, a related natural tryptamine occurring in many plants and some animals, produces effects that are similar to DMT. However, 5-MeO-DMT is taken in lower doses and does not produce as intense visuals as DMT does. Like DMT, 5-MeO-DMT must be combined with MAOI's to become active orally."

                                    • Note:-

                                      These accounts are sublingual' no oraly as in eaten' as gut mao would kill it !!

                                      Be well

                                      Nobu +
                                      • Ah, well that explains a lot ;-)

                                        Sublingual' bypasses the gut and allows for more substance to enter the bloodstream directly. Lots of things can be made "orally active" this way, but that's not exactly what's meant with "orally active" in the general sense ...

                                        Still curious how much 5-MeO DMT it took to get a buzz. 10 mg will do shit (I once tried a long long time ago).

                                        • dimi3, I guess you don't know everything, but thanks for correcting me.

                                          how much it takes? depends on if your stuff is pure or shite.

                                          mine? try sniffing 10mg and I'll be picking you up off the floor later.
                                          • I wonder what it would be like to take when you are dying. Like you know youre about to drop dead. Then you take it and blast off to the other side. If there actually is an other side. Maybe you'd be trippin' then all of a sudden everything fades to black and silence and you are no more. Or maybe something else might happen. That would be a trip. I'm not looking forward to the death trip myself and dont think I'd like the added effect. But you never know.
                                          • Jason, i know i don't know everything, LOL.

                                            You didn't write that piece, so don't take it personal.

                                            > try sniffing 10mg and I'll be picking you up off the floor later

                                            We're talking about oral administration. Eating 10mg of 5-MeO DMT without adding an MAOI will do shit, let me assure you. And even with an MAOI, eating just 10mg of 5-MeO DMT is likely still too little to render any meaningful results.

                                            No MAOI is required when said substance enters the bloodstream directly, say sublingually. Sublingual administration is not at all the same as oral administration. The latter refers to ingestion via the mouth followed by digestion. If something is not orally active, it is usually either insuflated, injected or ingested with say an MAOI to make it orally active. Hope that clears up any confusion. Sublingual administration is also an option, but is usually not as effective as the other forms mentioned, unless a drug is specifically designed for sublingual administration.
                                            • Unsu...
                                              10mg of 5-MeO-DMT with Plenty of MAOI, like 150mg+ of Pure Harma would be Fine. When the MAOI is done Right, It is trippy in it's own right. When your all kinds of inhibited, a little goes a long way.
                                              • Unsu...
                                                Actually Anything Smokable sized it good. Most is actually incinerated via the Smoking method. Some Stays in the Pipe. Ect. Ect. You don't Absorb 100%. With Oral administration, you do. As long as your fully Inhibited. Of course some is lost. But I think you get my point.
                          • No jason, I have only heard about it.

                            I studies psychopharmacology in college and spoken to a lot of people over the years.

                            I only assume that it could be a type of infinite deminsion.

                            Life is full of a lot of deminision that we have not begun to explore in the material world.

                            I was just saying it might just be imagination. But who knows what imagination is...

                            To me, imagination is more important than even a miracle.

                            Your human brain makes meaning, problem is we just dont know.

                            Faith is good, and I am not saying I am right here, I dont know either.
                            • Well no offence intended to you bro, but your posts (to me) are bordering on babble and full of misinformation... but anyway's yeah this guy DM Turner has some great trip reports, some of the first I ever read on the net and they stick out in my mind as all around good descriptions.

                              • Thats what happens when you try to explain an out of body experience. Im sure all our words fail to explain psychadelic experiences.

                                That was an actual account shared by a good friend. (Blasting out into space, the trip is so short and being distracted.)

                                My sharing is not filled with a lot of misinformation, most people just use them, but they dont learn about the perceptual psychology and understand the experience.
                          • Unsu...
                            <<<"Dude you lost me with shooting stars and naked women have you ever smoked it really? not callin you out but come on, that post is wack.
                            It may not be another universe, but it most certainly is another dimension.. one of many in an infinite number of possiblites.">>>

                            Well put Jason!
                        • OK Moki! Love you brother !!

                          I shall call you out' utter "Trash"

                          Use the plans to learn something about yourself you cock sure little monkey'

                          Who says we can no explain the spiritual world' just cos you can no!

                          Does that mean we' all of Us are ignorant ?

                          Come see me' I shall then school you in Iboga if you make the inititation that is'

                          Utter crap'

                          eh he'

                          Was it worth it'

                          Be well'


                          Nganga Nobunoni +

                          Pa' to Lo PaPa Ghede Nganga

                          Nsala Malekun' Malekun Nsala'

                          ha ha ha ha tofl

                          Wee !"

                          ha ha ha ha ha' fuckin priceless

                          Chagropanga Changa !! Get it sorted !!
                          • I seem to have upset people here.

                            I failed to deliver what little knowledge I have from my psychology degree and personal experience.

                            This is not a safe place to share, too many haters.

                            I will leave, I am sorry for failing to deliver whole and complete information.

                            I only shared what little knowledge I have, and all I see is fighting and no love here.

                            Later, sorry to bother this discussion and tribe.

                            Yes I am an idiot, just learning what I can...
                            • Moki Moki

                              There ismuch love here brother' I love you as a brother/sister as everyone'

                              Comments the likes of "Mind blowing" no describe "Spice"

                              Spice punches "Egg of conciousness" out of this holgram into the light matrix'

                              First time' excilerating an quite shocking' to realise who and of what you really are'

                              A being of light ! !

                              Trapped in a physical form'

                              All is mind'
                              So if "Spice" blew your mind' then you allowed it to be so'

                              We got big egos bro' forgive US' we ae but simple folk' a lot of us understanding these plants better than others'

                              It takes practice and dedication' and maticulius focus upon ritual and ceremony'

                              There is no need to attempt to eat the whole world all at once then storm the gates of the "Multi-verse'

                              We are eternal'

                              We got eternity to sort out the niggly bits :)))

                              My heart is your heart bro'

                              All the same'

                              Come join us in hyperspace' our real home amongst the lesser lights'


                              Nganga Nobu +
                              • Astraled to the original source ! !

                                On the way out I meet a femanine entity that reaches down from the sky and with long tenticle arms, foldes them around me.
                                The beauty of this creature is beyond compehension.
                                Hair flowing like seaweed, a face of radiant love., peircing blue eyes and a smile oh so sweet.


                                I am wisked,

                                me away,

                                way up,

                                up into the upper strata.

                                Folded and cuddled within tenticle arms.

                                There we spin and dance and the whole of all vibrates like a tuning fork.

                                Pindot cathronwheels everywhere.

                                Then she meldes and evolves into a most awesomely intricate dragon entity that is creator and I transend into a being of blue shimmering light and I dissappear into a sea of vibrant white electricity.
                                My whole being exploding in rapture of orgasmic love.

                                As I start to come back a bit I am met yet again folded in the arms of an entity somewhat like an octopus and we danced through halls of architectures of spirals, cubes, hexigons, tetrahedrons, dodecahedrons,
                                Pyramids, evolving waves and dimensional tangents.
                                I fold out apon a wave and become enveloped accross the top by another that split through a tangent dimension and takes me with it.

                                This is a strange orange land, purple clouds and flat plain lands that seemed to go off at a 60* angle up left.
                                I stand projected outwards and am surrounded by gosimre' wisp entities with gohstly smiling faces.

                                These also dance and vibrate as I swirl and roll vortexing across the sky.

                                I loop the loop and fall back through myself only to be grabbed by a most intricate dragon entity that flew with me, holding me (the touch of this entity almost exploded my psychi and I implode, exploded and become once again many many shards of irradecent light.

                                We fly side by side through galaxies and super novas, the sky full of green and red shooting stars.

                                I then stand up and shake my body as i feel like I had turned into the tree I sit back against.

                                The sky above a massive archetectured cathedral ceiling, all the grass and the trees glowing vibrant white in the star light.

                                My friend becomes a fallen Wizard the likes of the book disk worlds, fallen and not bothered to use any magic any more.

                                His pipe done him. : )

                                Swirled apon the ground like a rag, cloke covering from shoulders to the ground. A hat atop his head, pointed and folded to one side.
                                His cloak covered in silver moving symbols, stars moons arrows snakes all melding and creating a flow of energy so intricate my simple language can not describe.

                                Sucking deep apon my pipe I fold out,
                                upwards like an express train.

                                Everything becomes atoms of light all connected and evolving.
                                I melt into this atomised space the sky coming down and folding through me,
                                translucent simbols silver every where and become an ever evolving mandela that chases and carrales around itself.
                                Then I start to expand like an atom bomb exloding in space.
                                White light from a centre rolling outwards across the flat plain of space and time, looping and vortexing through symbols and spirals waves and dimensions (Wordless folks, I do apologise : )
                                Zap! Point!
                                Out! Larger, flatter.
                                Out! Even bigger, flatter.
                                Now like atom paper flat, Out !
                                Out gone!


                                Dimensional time and space all existence gone.

                                Transcended into all incomprihesibly vast enourmously flat and sphered.

                                Exploded like a super nove star!

                                Silver blue yelleow red melding energies folded around and through me.
                                I become many spectrums of light fractaled and prismatized.
                                The energies are so great I cry out loud with the shear force of rapture.

                                I roll around and wollow in a sea blue silver alive writhing sizzling through my existence like frying oil, bubbling effervecent evolving prismatic explosions of pure love for what seems like a thousand years and then some.
                                I suddenly realised I have stopped breathing!

                                Whoop I filled my lungs.
                                Rolling backwards as if falling, each breath brining me closer to the earth.

                                It is raining the rain drops slice straight through me and hit the ground beneath.

                                I breath deep and open my eyes.

                                The whole world, the way I see it has changed.

                                Everything containing silver life force energies shimmering in the star light,
                                everything complex patterns roll and dance around me.
                                My psychi, my minds eye, my existence full of intricate patterns and I see energies flow an ebb, like being in a tidal water but also in the air.

                                I breath in electricity and breath out.

                                My whole body electric and alive.

                                I start to dance and whirl giving thanks for the gift.

                                I am now like a tuning fork in tune with a vibration so primal and pure I become connected with the ground through my dance.
                                The lights around me forcefully by my movements collide and re-evolve as dancers within me.
                                The star strune sky above spins like cathronwheels pindotting an cavorting in my dance.
                                I whirl and spin staff in hand my cloak flying high like a flat wing.
                                I am able to spin like a top endlessly without getting dizzy.
                                I spin and jump, I have body, but the enrgies are so intence I can almost fly.

                                I run up the feild and dive in the air fluid motion (not bad for an old man)

                                I danced for nearly an hour screaching and whooping with primal exstatic delight and then collapse to the floor beaten.

                                I crawl some 35 feet back to our little bender and suck deeply on my little green stick. (A lick of white widow for my body)

                                I sag to the floor and fall deathly asleep for about ninety minutes.

                                Apon awakening something has shifted.

                                I see my world in a new light.

                                The Sun crackes across the horizon with an orange big bold head and smiles at me.

                                Everything is prismatic and alive all connected,

                                at one.

                                I sit and face the Sun and offer my pipe to our giver of life,

                                tears streaming down my face.

                                I hum chant and mumble humble my thanks as the Sun rises, eneregies within rising also to the new day.

                                Completely soaked bedraggled and extreemly tired we break camp totally speachless.

                                Return to the car and express both at the same time how plastic artificial the inside of the motor looks and feels.

                                Ah well back to the hussle an bussly of our normal day live.

                                Holding close to my heart of what I was shown and learnt.



                                Nganga Nobu +
            • I'm not so sure this guy is anything less than a young Israeli disinfo agent/narc. Who askes where to find schedule one drugs in a public forum yet says that LSD will destroy the brain???!!!

              Sorry but I'd ignore or delete this post.......then again, I'm not the moderator.
          • Albert Hoffman stumbled upon LSD when he was tryin to find a cure for migraine headaches, and it is natural lysergic acid is from mould in rye bread from ergot fungus, it is a semi synthetic hallucinogen and is not addictive and opens the mind
  • is full of dmt and 4-phosphloroxy-dmt

    "just gotta poke around... ba da da da ba da da, bomp"
    • The only info people will divulge to you without knowing you would be extraction techniques, which you can do yourself. Keep in mind if you get caught extracting it is MANUFACTURE charge.

      You have to know the right heads (or the right company) to be able to buy N,n-DMT freebase.
  • Hi Stefan,

    don't know if you're still looking... But swim would highly suggest working your way up to dmt by way of gentler tryptamines.
    a good start is pot, then mushrooms, then lsd (i believe the nicname "acid" causes a negative neurological response in most people).

    once you enjoy the beauty and brilliance of lsd then, in swim's opinion, you are ready for dmt and or it's relatives... provided you follow the few basic rules regarding safety and setting.

    "How do I get DMT"

    SWIM strongly suggests you seek out a guide, or with a trusted & loving friend, make a small batch and enjoy the fruits of your labor :)

    Good luck and best wishes on your trip!

    • Aw hell, I smoked dope for decades, tripped hundreds of times, ate enough mushrooms for a score of pizzas and still wasn't ready for DMT. So don't bother with that, imho. You can't prepare yourself. Just make some and take a hit, heeyuk yuk.
      • Practicing for Bungie Jumping by doing time on a trampoline ;-)
        • well I cant agree with the bungie jumpy analogy..

          Its not ALL the molocule, far from it.

          Some of my high-dose mushroom trips were identical to the DMT experiences I have had.

          Tripping or Hallucinating is like an art one has to learn. One has to learn how to quiet the mind and really get into these things if they want to experience there full potential.

          DMT, is so powerful that in most cases you will "arrive" over there without much previous experience using other psychedelics.

          This does not mean that DMT is stronger then the other psychedelics. With proper technique, one can achieve just as powerful an experience as DMT using

          Salvia (not extract but raw un-potentiated leaf),
          Ketamine (not as "psychedelic" in visuals but extremely visual non-the less, a release of spirit form body resulting in ecstasy.
          These are just a few.

          Most people never attain contact with Chaos/Goddess demension using these substances because they cant get there brain to activate proper wave states, mostly due to inabilty to quiet mind and reduce outer noise stimuli.

          One can even attain union with the "White light" of the Bardos using these various substances, it just takes a certain amount of work, inner and outer (your behaviour in your everyday life) because after all, what we call the 3rd demension is a mirror reflection of your psychology.

          I used to LOVE DMT, it was quick and somewhat easy. But after years of experimentation, I dont find it as rewarding, I dont bring back as much from the experience as I do when I have to 'work at quieting my mind, laying in a darkened space and traversing my way to the demension of Chaos.

          Chaos being the extremely organized layer of what previous cultures recognized as the home of the Goddess.
  • Unsu...
    someone mentioned not eating for 12 hours before taking dmt... and the consequence of dmt mixing with food is a trip to the hospital?

    are there any other pre-cautionary warnings that might not be safe?

    also, which is stronger, dmt or mescaline?
    and which is easier to extracT?
    and the trip on dmt only lasts about 5 mins right?
    • its not 12 hours, its 12 DAYS

      most food is ok, but banana popsickles can give a cardiac infraction

      pcp is stronger than dmt or mescaline.

      neither is easier to extract unless you have the proper encryption program installed on your computer

      the trip lasts 5 weeks, not 5 minutes.

      alcohol, tobbacco and firearms taxing arenas are the best places to get some.

      next question?

      (google the oprah winfrey tech for extraction, its easier than the stewart one that is most commonly used)

      im glad i could help, no need to thank me. :)
    • "someone mentioned not eating for 12 hours before taking dmt... and the consequence of dmt mixing with food is a trip to the hospital? "
      Probably so that if one loses all control of bodily functions thy don't make a big fucking mess ;-)
      I once initiated one friend and he shit his pants. Unplanned laundry adventure that night ;-(
      Dietary issues emerge when using MAOI inhibitors in conjunction with DMT..
      The answers to your remaining questions are "It depends"...
      The only thing I know of to extract M from are Peyote and SP. AFAIK rather complex extractions...
      5-10 (depending upon your lift-off mind-space)
      • shitting your pants is good for you. it first gets rid of the toxins in one dump. It helps you learn to listen and pay attention to your innermost guts too. and it does have something to do with being a tight ass kegal cruncher. Its intresting to me that anyone wouldn't have a bit of a take on what their bowels do at this type of juncture. but thats why the universe made all changes last minute, you know?
        • 'shitting your pants is good for you."...
          BUT not so great for the host ;-) Xtra unsched laundry and all that shite!
          • eeewwww. strait hydrogen peroxide and cedar oil are good for all the little shits in our lives. i forgot to mention that it is also a perfect opportunity to find another good use for those kegel exercises. i've irritated someone to the toilet before too - its a special gift of creative expression.
  • (The Silk Road) Its a hidden marketplace where you can purchase anything you can imagine, its pretty tricky to get started but once you are in THE SKY'S THE LIMIT. You must first download a browser called TOR otherwise you cant access the site. This browser scrambles your IP address which protects you and the seller. once on the TOR page type in (the silk road wiki) to the right of this page you will see a link to the page click on it and hello DMT

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