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Amazing simple clean DMT extraction
How to easily make DMT:
Break 1-Pound of Mimosa Hostilis rootbark into 2" pieces and grind it all up in a glass-topped blender, a little at a time.
Polar Extraction: Premix in an empty 1-Gallon plastic jug: 1-Quart White Vinegar & 3-Quarts Water. Put the ground up Mimosa in a 3-Liter crockpot, then fill it with the water-vinegar solution. Stir well and turn it on "high". After 2 hours, remove the crockpot ceramic liner, hold the lid on slightly offset, and pour off most of the liquid into a 1-gallon wide-mouthed glass or stainless container. Add the remaining water-vinegar solution to the crockpot again. Stir well and turn it on "high". After 2 hours, remove the crockpot ceramic liner, hold the lid on slightly offset, and pour off all of the liquid into the same container again. Discard the rootbark fiber and save the two combined extractions in the 1-gallon container. Allow the vegetable particles in the extraction in the 1-gallon container to settle to the bottom overnight. Then pour off the liquid into an empty 1-Gallon glass wine jug, being careful not to pour off any of the vegetable sludge at the bottom. Discard the sludge and keep the contents of the wine jug.
Basification: Premix in advance a solution of: 5 Tablespoons (63grams) of Sodium Hydroxide ("Red Devil" lye) with 1-Pint of WARM Water. Stir well. Slowly add this solution to the wine jug, then cap the jug. Gently tilt the wine jug back and forth for 1 full minute to mix the contents.
Nonpolar Extraction: Add 250ml of (Ace Hardware)VM&P Naptha to the wine jug. Add exactly enough warm water to the jug to raise the liquid level to an inch below the top, then cap the jug. Gently tilt the wine jug slowly back and forth for 5 full minutes to mix the contents. Allow the jug to sit undisturbed on a table for at least 4 hours. There should now be two layers visible in the jug, a lower dark one and a smaller clear one on top filling the neck of the jug. Use a glass turkey baster to suck up the top clear layer into a pint mason jar. Be careful not to suck up any of the lower brown/black layer into the mason jar.
Freeze-precipitation/wash: place the sealed mason jar in a FREEZER for 3 days to precipitate the crystals. Prepare a filter setup by placing a funnel into a quart mason jar and putting a small coffee filter paper into the funnel. Shake the naptha in the mason jar strongly to stir up all the crystals at the bottom and quickly pour while still very cold into the funnel for filtering. Impure yellow-white DMT crystals will be seen on the coffee filter paper. Allow the crystals to completely dry out on the filter paper in the funnel. Premix a wash solution by mixing equal parts of Distilled Water and NON-SOAPY clear Ammonium Hydroxide(Ace Hardware Janitorial Strength Ammonia) into a pint container. Slowly pour 100ml of the wash solution over the crystals (still in the filter paper) to wash them. Remove the filter paper from the funnel, spread it out flat and allow the crystals to COMPLETELY dry out. You will now have 2-1/2 grams of white crystal DMT. At least 50 strong doses. Mix it with some parsley and smoke a little in your favorite pipe!
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    Thu, June 12, 2008 - 1:42 AM
    I shall say this one final time' this tech is bullshit'~

    You shall endup smoking Lye' oils n' waxes n' ammonia'~

    If you won't stick it in you arm, then how come you are prepared to smoke it'~

    Learn about A/B acids n' bases and don't fuck about with techs like this one'

    You only have one set of lungs, they have to last you your whole life'~

    Be extremely careful'

    Be safe'~


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      Thu, June 12, 2008 - 8:57 AM

      This method gives very harsh results, very impure and dirty, hard to smoke.

      It's nice to be able to treat people to some smooth (as it can be) pure crystals,
      and change their perspective on the spice.

      If you're going to do it, do it right, do it with care.

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