Mimosa Hostilis ID? Pics!

topic posted Fri, July 27, 2007 - 8:55 AM by  Pete
hey all. i found a couple beautiful trees growing by a spiritualist church in my town and i believe it is mimosa hostilis, from what i've seen in pictures. i'm hoping someone in this tribe will have a good enough idea of what a m. hostilis tree looks like to tell from these pictures i took. there are shit tons of seeds on these trees and i would love to send some out if it is what i think it is.

to give a description... it is a rather short tree, only about 16 feet tall, bushy hanging to the ground. the seed pods are about 7 inches long with around 12 seeds each. the trunk is smoother than other mimosa with orange/yellow lines. white ball-shaped flowers with pistils all over.

i have posted the pictures to my photo album. i have pictures of seeds, seed pods, flowers, buds, leaves trunk and the whole tree.

peace, love and enlightenment!
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