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Whats the scoop? Can crystals be smoked off of foil? It seems like it should work and be way more efficient, but it does not seem to be common. Any input is appreciated!
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  • I think smoking anything off of foil isn't a very good idea..
    a regular glass freebase pipe works
    or a regular old hash pipe and some ash

    hope you find the answer you're seeking, friend
  • not to mention that the aluminum has all kinds of creases that the precious chemical slides into getting lost. was a mess, go for the glass :) that was my first thought too,wouldnt go that route again
  • a friend told me a good way to do it is just put it on top of some type of smoking substance in a glass pipe & vaporize the crystals until you feel the urge to lay down, & that urge will hit you pretty quickly, but he also said the subject should try to get as much in your lungs as possible to really 'go there', dont let the flame touch the spices, & avoid the tin foil
  • Tinfoil works well, i've done much research into it and its not bad for you but does taste harsh because its metal...metal is always gross. and then just get a straw and while lighting the tin foil from under suck in the stream of smoke and hold it in....or just make it into a crack smoking type of thing...never done crack so dont know how they do that.

    But my main method is using a lightbulb vaporizer which are easssy to make and safe if you cleened them out with salt and hot water after then more salt if ur and OCD like me.
    Here's my instructiosn for making one
    And in order to make ti so u can suck air out of it.... you make the main hole in a bottle cap that u attach the empty straw pen tube thing to then make a small hole next to it so it brings in air...otherwise ur not going to be able to suck anyting up lol
    • Man don't use tinfoil. It sticks bits of metal in ya lungs, leading later to things like pneumonia, emphasima, and brain damage.
      I have seen crack addicts in Hospital in Holland with big shadowsw on there lungs caused by toaking from foil. Don't do it.
  • Okay,

    I've seen a lot of people talking about aluminum as a metal being dangerous to smoke out of. This will, no doubt, be a heated debate, but let's try to keep it civilized, eh?

    He's what I have for data, I would appreciate it if someone can come up with a REASONABLE, and well THOUGHT-OUT response, even if its contridictory. Odds are that the mistake will be in my wording, and not in the facts. Rather than look stuff up online, I got together with a chemisty prof on campus, and we tried various ways that aluminum appears in household products, as well as aluminum pipes, and aircraft grade aluminum.

    All tests were done with an electric heating prong. Temperatures were recorded using a simple lighter and then were recreated with the heating prong over a controlled cross-sectional area.

    Aluminum foil: Bad

    Aluminum foil (such as Reynolds) contains only about 70% aluminum. The rest of the additives in the foil are there to prevent possible reactions with food that might come in contact with it. You cannot remove ALL additives simply by heating, or burning the foil. A loss of 3% mass was recorded, this is a large amout of material to end up inside your lungs.

    Aluminum cans: Bad

    Aluminum cars are much higher percentage aluminum than foil is. Unfortunately the ink makes direct exposure to flame dangerous. And when we tested a Coke can with about 1psi (we tested from .1psi to 15psi) we found that even after the ink had been chemically removed, the can tended to flake after being heated for a prolonged period. This means that it is possible to inhale bits of aluminum by sucking brittle aluminum, this is never good. Since the loss of material in this test was linear with respect to the cross-sectional area of the flame, some good calculus shows that it would be possible, in time, to inhale the entire can.

    Aluminum pipes: Good

    We tested both a 99% aluminum pipe (1% inert metals) and an aluminum pipe coated with nickel. Both were completely safe. The 99% pure aluminum pipe showed less than a picogram loss in mass after being heted in a direct flame. A pico gram is 1x10^-12 grams. Or 0.000000000001 grams. That's a small amount of loss folks. The pipe coated with nickel showed a heavier loss in mass, but the mass spectometer showed nothing corrosive in the smoke. Most likely it was oxygen, or some other inert gas being burned off of an imperfect nickel-plated surface; nickel is fine when comercially used. If you see a blue or purple flame, then this is not a "healthy" form of nickel.

    Machine-grade aluminum: Good

    The stuff we tested was bought from a local metal supplier as stock. We machined off .001 inch to make the surface smooth, massed it, and burned it. The aluminum was supposed to be 99% pure (density tests proved it to be considerably higher ~99.7%). Almost no loss whatsoever was detected. We deemed losses in machine-grade aluminum to be negligible, close to that of the aluminum pipe.

    Aircraft-grade aluminum: Good

    This is the metal used in aircraft construction. The Mechanical Engineering lab had a piece in kerosene that we borrowed. Aluminum, when in contact with air, forms a coating of aluminum oxide. Typically this layer is simply smoothed. We did out best to test the metal before heat developed form the exothermic reaction of Aluminum oxide forming (you may know this reaction from some of the hand warmers you can buy that heat up when mixed with air... also sometimes iron). Although we determined that it wa nearly impossible for us to test this metal witht he materials we had, we did decide that after the initial reaction with the air, the metal was still just as safe as the machine-grade aluminum, if not more brittle.

    Like I said, these are tests. If someone has performed tests that show to the contrary, I would certainly enjoy an exchange of information.

    What I wouldn't like is: "Dude, everyone knows smoking from aluminum is bad for you." As that kind of rebutal has almost no weight with anyone.

    Please don't hold these tests as gospel, they were preliminary, and only done twice on each material. Since it was a favor, I didn't ask the professor to spend more time recreating the expirament.
    • please dont take this in any wrong way but : you sure are going to great lengths to try and base it because you are more confident in a hit from it or???? the glass isnt ard to come me - i'm all for the base, but i can't go back to those years and woldnt even want to mix that mindstate with this experience...just wondering the rationale
  • I am also wondering why anyone would want to DE-base their DMT by smoking it on tin foil. I am uncertain if anyone should smoke any substance on tinfoil anyways. There have been many deaths world-wide amongst heroin addicts who were using tinfoil to "chase the dragon" and it seems to me that the likelihood of the causative factor being just the heroin is not realistic. It is called "heroin-induced toxic leukoencephalopathy," the condition involves alteration of the white matter of the brain through exposure to a toxin or poison. It has been seen in rarer form to date amongst other drug users as well. Usually the user is so far gone from the leukoencephalopathy before authorities and health officials realize what they are dealing with that there isn't enough data on it yet. It is a nasty way to die (if the user is lucky and actually dies) and an even worse thing to live on after. I know because my nephew developed this after chasing the dragon a year ago. It took him about 5 weeks to die while his brain kept on working and his body shut down around him.

    I say buy a pipe.
    • I say check your local laws, first.

      As for general information about Aluminum/and or tin, there have been studies to show that heavy metals can be removed from fatty tissues, like the gray matter, or white matter, i.e. the brain. I forget what it's called, and since I have other things to do, today. Can someone help me remember this one? It's available at health food stores in like 200mcg, 400 mcg, or 800mcg? Oh, well...

  • Well, SWIM says he's smoked alot of harsh chemicals off foil before he decided it wasn't in his best interests to do so ( the drugs, not the foil). He hasn't been checked by a doctor, but all the effects of such activities, decades worth, seem to have subsided. No lung problems at all. Swim is not denying others may have experienced detrimental effects.Now swim took his first tokes of spice off foil, and decided it worked really well, except for
    A) After 2 tokes it becomes immpossible to manage such a primitive smoking apparatus for another toke
    B) Folding the foil a couple times results in small holes which cause a loss of spice
    C) Unless you are adept with this method, you may lose quite a bit of smoke
    Conclusion: It works good in a pinch but not the best method.

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